Sunday, July 31, 2011


  1. Secure an appointment by writing to and giving your full name, mobile no. and old passport no.
  2. After receiving an e-mail reply giving you an appointment date and reference number, visit the consulate general on the appointment date and bring the requirements stated in no. 3.  Note that your reservation is good only from 8:30-11 AM.  Beyond 11 AM, your slot will be given to others.
  3. Old Passport
  4. Photocopies of most recent passport
    1. Inside front cover
    2. Inside back cover
    3. Page containing latest Philippine immigration departure stamp
    4. Page containing latest UAE immigration arrival stamp
    5. Page containing UAE Visa
  5. Duly  accomplished ePassport application form;
  6. No need to bring passport photo as this will be taken during the Enrolment step;
  7. Personal appearance of all applicants is required;
  8. ePassport Fee: AED 240
  9. After the enrolment process, please do not forget to submit enrolment form to the Cashier along with your payment. Otherwise, your application will not be processed;
  10. To follow-up if passport is already available, please write to and give applicant's full name and date of application;
  11. New passport can be claimed at least 10 weeks from date of application but this is not guaranteed. Present old passport and receipt to claim new electronic passport.

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